13 April 2018

3 Steps To Improving Mental Health Within Your Workplace

Having a workforce with positive Mental Health within the workplace is so important for both employees and employers. By having staff who have positive mental health you can ensure your employees are in a positive state of mind when they are working as well as reducing sickness, improving performance and increasing profitability of your business.

Below we highlight some of the ways that you can increase Mental Health in your workplace:

Create An Open Environment

One of the main reasons that people feel stuck and in a permanent state of depression is because they feel that they must keep any issues that they are having to themselves. This can apply both at home and in the workplace.

By creating an open and welcoming environment where people feel that they can be open, it increases the likelihood of both openness and reduced anxiety about feeling like any issues must be kept private if the person really would like to talk to someone.

Clear Communication

Linking to the first point, it is essential to ensure that clear lines of communication are built in to the culture of your business. This can be on a daily basis in terms of an open environment but also with regular meetings and catch ups with colleagues so that everyone feels they are valued and heard within your business.

Train A Mental Health First Aider

Finally, it is common place to have a a physical first aid member of staff in the workplace. However, nowadays it is also imperative to have a mental health first aid member of staff. To become a mental health first aider you must complete a mental health first aid course.

On these courses a mental health first aider is trained to:

  • Spot the early signs and symptoms of mental ill health
  • Start a supportive conversation with a colleague who may be experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress
  • Listen to the person non-judgementally
  • Assess the risk of suicide or self-harm
  • Encourage the person to access appropriate professional support or self-help strategies. This might include encouraging access to internal support systems such as EAPs or in-house counselling services
  • Escalate to the appropriate emergency services, if necessary
  • Maintain confidentiality as appropriate
  • Complete critical incident documents as and when necessary
  • Protect themselves while performing their role

We currently have Mental Health First Aid courses running at our Head Office each month. To sign up for a course, you can either enquire by filling in the form below or find full details here.

Book A Mental Health First Aid Course:

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