7 February 2022

Apprenticeships benefit employers too – Laura’s Story

So…What’s in it for Employers?

As well as providing their team’s with enhanced knowledge & ability to carry out their roles, there are many, many benefits of Apprenticeship to employers.

Laura Cooper is a HR officer at Crystal Care Solutions who told us how the benefits of Apprenticeships are felt not only by the staff, but by the business as a whole, and ultimately by those in care

Which Apprenticeship subjects are your staff undertaking?

Level 3 Residential Childcare

How have Apprenticeships benefitted the business and your staff?

The Apprenticeships allow us to maintain our regulatory compliance and also improve the quality of care our employees can give to the young people in our care.

How has the Apprenticeship training positively impacted the service you provide to your clients and / or customers?

Our clients (local authorities and the young people they place in our care) benefit from employees who get a full knowledge of the legislation that governs the sector and who have further been taught how to apply this legislation practically to ensure young people are kept in a safe environment where there are cared for and pushed to achieve.

In what ways have Apprenticeships exceeded your expectations? Would you recommend them to others?

The Apprenticeships not only taught our employees how to practically apply legislative guidance and provide a high quality of care for our young people, but it also teaches valuable English and IT skills, meaning employees communication within our multi-agency network is of a higher standard.

To find out how you could benefit from a fully funded Apprenticeship, speak to a member of our expert team today at skills@acaciatraining.co.uk or call us on 01782 646 346

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