4 March 2020

“Amazing” assessor Hannah makes the difference

Motivated staff, deeper understanding of clients’ needs and freeing up the owners’ time – these are just some of the benefits of working with Acacia Training, according to Karen, owner of Gloucestershire-based Inspyre Plus.

Karen currently has two staff completing the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services, and a further five completing level 3 Apprenticeship qualifications. Those enrolled on the training range in age from 21 to 62. She has noticed a huge difference between the quality of training and support on offer from Acacia Training, compared with their previous provider.

Karen explains: “Our assessor, Hannah has been nothing short of amazing. She’s so pro-active, much more hands-on and motivating than any other trainer we have used. We have noticed that she works very hard with our staff to make sure that they understand what they are learning, that they keep on track with the assignments and work they are required to do, and that they understand very well how to apply this in their work. This means that they are succeeding a lot more quickly with the qualification.

Before we used Acacia, we found that staff didn’t really enjoy the training, which means they weren’t motivated and it fell to us as the business owners to chase. We used to have to follow up and push staff to have the confidence and determination to complete the training.

But now, with Acacia Training, it’s completely different. Our staff are enjoying what they are learning. They are motivated, they value the opportunity to improve their skills and we never have to chase or follow up.

I honestly could not recommend Hannah and Acacia Training highly enough. We are extremely impressed – nothing is ever too much trouble. and very grateful on the impact it is having on us and our team. It means we can focus on our journey to become Ofsted registered and be confident that the staff are learning and developing the best possible standards of care.

Since doing the course we have noticed that our staff have a much deeper understanding of the challenges that the young people we work with face, how their background may have affected them and what kinds of practical and emotional support to offer. They are much more confident in their roles and able to use their judgement and initiative instinctively to help the clients we work with.”

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